The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Moving Towards a Whole Food Diet 4-Week Food Education Program

The 4-week food education program is open to the members of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Maplesoft Centre only. This program is not open to the general public. 

Each 3-hour workshop is comprised of an education component, cooking demonstration, and food tasting.     

The Nourished Self food education programs are made possible by the generous sponsorship of The Natural Food Pantry who provides local, organic foods for The Nourished Self food education programs.   

Over the 4 weeks participants will discover:

1.Whole food foundation – what is classified as real food and what is a food-like substance.  The foundation of a low inflammatory whole food diet 

2. Breakfast:  whole food breakfast options that stabilize blood sugar, protect lean muscle mass, and are nutrient dense, not nutrient deficient. 

3. Main meals: how to build complete protein, properly balance Vegan and Vegetarian meals and where to incorporate this meal into your lifestyle. 

4. Customizing whole foods for your needs: sensible snacking, boosting nutrients, improving vitamin and mineral absorption. Developing your strategy for sustaining a whole food lifestyle. 


Food generously donated by: